The 27th Annual Konza Prairie LTER Workshop

The 27th Annual Konza Prairie LTER Workshop was held on May 29, 2018 at the Konza Prairie Biological Station in the Cortelyou Lecture Hall.

  • List Presentations:
  1. Jesse Nippert (KSU) - Introduction to KNZ and the LTER program
  2. Drew Scott (SIU) - Soil and plant-induced heterogeneity effects on soil microbial community structure
  3. Ellen Welti (OU) - The geography of sodium shapes invertebrate communities
  4. Jesse Gray (CSU) - Potential factors and mechanisms behind Andropogon and Sorghastrum codominance
  5. James Guinnip (KSU) - Exploring causes of an extraordinary shift in water chemistry in a pristine grassland stream network
  6. Kent Connell (KSU) - Plant-soil history has lasting effects on soil organic matter decomposition
  7. Sarah Winnicki (KSU) - The effect of Brown-headed Cowbird (Molothrus ater) brood parasitism on nestling growth and development
  8. Bryan Frenette (KSU) - Temperature effects on performance and physiology of two Prairie stream minnows
  9. Andrew Hope (KSU) - Stable isotopes demonstrate small mammal consumer niche dynamics among Konza burn treatments
  10. Eric Duell (OSU) - Using mycorrhizal fungi to facilitate grassland restorations: Past, present, and future directions
  11. Priscilla Moley (KSU) - The effects of long-term fire and fertilization on belowground nitrogen cycling in Tallgrass Prairie
  12. Rory O’Connor (KSU) - Fire and browsing effects on woody encroachment
  13. Sophie Higgs (KSU) - Dissolved organic matter dynamics in grassland streams
  14. Ingrid Slette (CSU) - Impacts of burn regime on soil CO2 flux
  15. Kasey Fralick (SIU) - Factors influencing variation in prairie stream invertebrate community structures
  16. Gabriel de Oliveira (KU) - Spatio-temporal variability of energy and water fluxes using landsat-8 and eddy covariance data

  • List Posters:
  1. Seton Bachle (KSU) - Getting to the root of woody encroachers
  2. Emily Barry, (KU) - Characterizing groundwater flow through merokarst in the N04d section of the Konza Prairie Long-Term Ecological Research site
  3. Mike Bartmess (KSU) - Shrub encroachment in the Tallgrass Prairie: Using high intensity fire to manage resprouting broadleaf species
  4. Kathryn Bloodworth (Smithsonian Environmental Research Center) - White-tailed deer herbivory does not impact plant species composition at Konza Prairie
  5. Caitlin Broderick (KSU) - Long-term climate as a driver of tallgrass prairie structure, function and stability
  6. Tiffany Carter (KSU) - Long-term effects of rainfall manipulation on the soil microbial community of a native Tallgrass Prairie
  7. Bryan Frenette (KSU) - Thermal ecology of prairie stream fishes: upcoming experiments
  8. Kyle Ismert, (KSU) - The mass emergence of 17-year cicada accelerates litter decomposition
  9. David Hartnett (KSU) - The Rhizosheath: An adaptation to temporal rainfall variability in arid grasslands
  10. Laura Mino, KSU - Exploiting an opportunity: preliminary glimpse to soil responses after cessation of 26-year fire suppression                                            
  11. Johanie Rivera Zayas (KSU) - Greenhouse gas emissions from beef-cattle grazing systems in grasslands
  12. Monica Shaffer (KSU) - Plant architectural shifts contribute to increased forage density on grazing lawns
  13. Dylan Smith (KSU) - Effects of brood parasitism on survival and growth of host nestlings
  14. Jeff Taylor (KSU) - Vascular flora of the Konza Prairie: An update
  15. Leena Vilonen (CSU) - Microbial recovery from climate extremes in a Tall Grass Prairie
  16. Marissa Zaricor (KSU) - Can we predict drought tolerance in Poaceae using plant traits