Submit Konza Data and Metadata

Submit Data

  • Data may be submitted in Excel files or as Comma separated values files.
  • Each column must have a concise label representing the name of the variable. The definition of the variable will be included with metadata.
  • There must be no empty cells in the data file. Please put comments only on the comments columns.
  • Missing data shall be designated by a missing Data Value. The value used should be noted , i.e. BLANK, period, N/A. The value of '-9999' is the preferred missing data value.
  • Data must be thoroughly documented with accompanying metadata.
  • Submitting Metadata: please document your dataset with a descriptive title, abstract, contact information for the PIs, detailed methods, key words, instrument names, any QA/QC procedures, and variable information. Please download this Excel metadata template, and Konza data description example. Completed documents should be sent to the Konza Information Manager.
  • Please contact the Konza Information Manager¬†for additional guidance or if you have any questions.