The 28th Annual Konza Prairie LTER Workshop

The 28th Annual Konza Prairie LTER Workshop was held on May 31st, 2019 at the Konza Prairie Biological Station in the Cortelyou Lecture Hall. Over 50 participants attended the workshop.

Meeting Goals: 1. Discussion of key findings of LTER VII, integration of new ideas, and projects to emphasize in LTER VIII proposal, and 2. Create drafts of 4-5 explicit goals for LTER VIII

  • List Presentations:
  1. Jesse Nippert (KSU) - Introduction to KNZ and the LTER program
  2. Jesse Nippert and Lydia (KSU) - Overview of the day and charge for the small groups

  • List Posters (only 1st authors/presenters listed here):
  1. Seton Bachle (KSU) - Physiological and microanatomical responses to extreme drought in andropogon gerardii
  2. Jesse Gray (CSU) - Estimating demographic response ratios of contrasting plant growth forms to various disturbance types
  3. James Guinnip (KSU) - A novel method of measuring stream N cycling using 15NH4+ in recirculating chambers: examining the effects of drought on benthic N dynamics
  4. Matthew Nieland (KSU) - Fire history causes differential recovery of N-cycling soil microbes from chronic fertilization
  5. Marcos Sarto (KSU) - Soil microbial community composition across a precipitation gradient with different land uses
  6. Dylan Smith (KSU) - Consequences of severe drought on grassland songbird reproduction
  7. Smriti Pehim Limbu (JHU) - Effects of soil moisture, mycorrhizal association and genotypic richness on Andropogon gerardii productivity