The 29th Annual Konza Prairie LTER Workshop

The 29th Annual Konza Prairie LTER Workshop was held on Saturday, September 4, 2021, in the Big 12 Room at the K-State Student Union. Over 40 participants attended the workshop.

  • List Presentations:
1. Jesse Nippert (KSU) - Welcome and update on LTER VIII
2. Alex Sutton (KSU) - Influence of climate, fire, and grazing prairie forb population dynamics
3. Sidney Noble (KSU) - Megagrazers act as a surprising inhibitor of woodland expansion in a Great Plains grassland
4. Andres Patrignani (KSU) - Konza prairie environmental monitoring network
5. Rachel Keen (KSU) - Impacts of woody encroachment on watershed-scale water fluxes in tallgrass prairie
6. Katie Eckhoff (KU) - Persistent decadal differences in plant communities restored under contrasting climate conditions
7. Smriti Pehim Limbu (John Hopkins) - The legacy effect of previous droughts on changes in grassland plant community response to new droughts
8. Victoria Moreno (Oregon State) - To the root: a multidisciplinary approach to understanding complex water, soil, and plant interactions at konza prairie
9. Katy Silber (KSU) - A bird’s eye view: does konza provide suitable breeding habitat for declining grassland songbirds?
10. Ashley Wojciechowski (KU) - Heterogeneity begets heterogeneity: increasing soil heterogeneity increases plant diversity and richness
11. Greg Tooley (KSU) - Cornus drummondii (Roughleaf Dogwood) vertical canopy structure, leaf photosynthetic traits, and their response to browsing and grazing

  • List Posters:
1. Bess Bookout (KSU) - Bison wallows: what’s going on in there?
2. Ryan Donnelly (KSU) - Morphological and physiological trait variation of poaceae in tallgrass prairie 
3. Abigail Langston (KSU) - Establishing timescales of stream aggradation and incision in response to changes in climate and land use
4. Jesse Nippert (KSU) - Using root and soil traits to forecast woody encroachment dynamics in mesic grassland sing root and soil traits to forecast woody encroachment dynamics in mesic grassland
5. Brynn Ritchey (KSU) - Dung decay and defecation rate of american bison (Bison bison): tools to track population numbers and habitat preferences of plains bison in a tallgrass prairie 
6. Nathaniel Weickert (KU) - Decadal changes in plant community development in restored tallgrass prairie compared to remnant prairie targets